Thank you for your interest in job opportunities at Solar Junction. At this time Solar Junction is currently hiring and accepting resumes/CV’s for the following positions:

Senior Engineer

Solar Junction Corporation has an immediate, full-time position available for a Senior Engineer. This position will be responsible for operating a variety of automation/robotic systems, supporting equipment, and hardware, troubleshooting manufacturing problems (I/O, electrical, PLC, robotic, sensors), integrating technologies for assembly, joining, machining, cutting, inspection, pick-and-place, and machine tending applications, designing, developing and implementing of custom mechanical tooling, fixturing, and associated processes to enable the handling, assembly and/or disassembly of parts, components, sub-assemblies and final assemblies throughout the product life cycle, and packaging/CIC processes and hands-on tool maintenance and improvements.

For further information, please review the attached document.

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