Thank you for your interest in job opportunities at Solar Junction. At this time Solar Junction is currently hiring and accepting resumes/CV’s for the following positions:

Director of Engineering

The Director of Engineering manages and directs all internal engineering efforts for the company. This person directly reports to the CTO and works closely with other functional leaders in the company including business unit leads and finance. The priorities for this position include managing the entire technical team, program and project management, and strategic planning.

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Applications and Test Engineer

The Applications and Test Engineer will work in the areas of Test Lab, Reliability Lab and Outdoor Testing. The primary responsibility of this person will be to troubleshoot and fix laboratory equipment problems as well as developing software and equipment improvements. This person will also conduct measurements on solar cells including but not limited to illuminated current-voltage (IV), quantum efficiency (QE), high concentration flash IV, capacitance-voltage (CV), reflectivity and other tests in support of our reliability and outdoor programs. There is an emphasis on documenting and communicating work done. This person will work in a lab team with other personnel which may involve splitting up tasks but may also involve ownership over specific tasks.

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MBE Equipment and Maintenance Engineer

The Molecular Beam Epitaxy Equipment and Maintenance Engineer’s primary responsibilities include equipment support of MBE reactors for production of advanced semiconductor devices for Solar and other applications. The Engineer is responsible for preventative and corrective maintenance on MBE reactors and ancillary support equipment. The qualified individual will be working with a team of scientists and engineers and would be primarily responsible for MBE maintenance and equipment operation. The individual will be responsible for assisting the Materials Team with troubleshooting and repairing tool issues, hardware modifications, etc. The individual will work closely with vendors and suppliers to procure accessories, spare-parts, consumables, etc.

Additional responsibilities include participation in Epitaxy team activities of new capacity development, continuous improvement in reactor hardware, procedures, protocols, utilization, training, facilities, process monitoring, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting on other relevant equipment.

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