Solar Junction's A-SLAM™ architecture provides customers with three enabling benefits over existing and next-generation multi-junction solar cells. First, the architecture delivers material bandgap tunability – from 0.8 to 1.42 eV - to maximize the absorbed sunlight within CPV modules. Second, the architecture remains lattice-matched, similar to all previous commercialized multi-junction solar cells. Third, the architecture incorporates high performance tunnel junctions, allowing the cells to operate optimally at concentrations far beyond 1000 suns. These advantages provide the dramatic benefits to CPV module manufacturers:

Bandgap tunability
Benefit: Efficiency increases; optimization of cell performance to deliver immediate efficiency increases and a market-leading roadmap. For example in February of 2011, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) validated a 5.5 mm x 5.5 mm production triple-junction solar cell from Solar Junction at an efficiency of 41.4%.

Lattice-matched architecture
Benefit: reliability; lattice-matching is the foundation for the existing reliability paradigm of multi-junction solar cells, ensuring reliable performance throughout a solar farms 25 to 30 year project lifetime.

Ultra-concentration tunnel junctions
Benefit: stable cell performance at high concentration; typical multi-junction solar cells achieve peak efficiency at a concentration of ~ 300-400 suns, Solar Junction's revolutionary tunnel junctions ensures cell performance at concentrations in excess of 1000 suns; furthermore, the tunnel junction mitigates performance losses induced by unavoidable localized concentration variations across the cell.

Solar Junction's first commercial product offering is the SJMJ-3. The SJMJ-3 is a multi-junction solar cell available in varying sizes and configurations with mean production efficiency exceeding 40% at 1000 suns concentration and Standard Test Conditions (STC). The product is available in various configurations including bare cells and integrated solar cell assemblies - cell integrated into a package.

Bare Cells

  • Solar Junction manufactures and 100% tests the market-leading efficiency SJMJ-3 solar cell
  • Solar cells are delivered as a bare cell on tape and reel
  • Cell sizes range from 5.5 mm x 5.5 mm up to 1 cm x 1 cm and include dual busbars for electrical connections.
  • Solar Junction guarantees and warrants function and performance of the cell

Integrated Solar Cell Assemblies

  • Solar cell attached to heat spreader with bypass diode and electrical connections
  • Solar Junction integrates the market-leading efficiency SJMJ-3 solar cell with an advanced packaging solution while providing 100% test to ensure superior delivered performance to the customer
  • Solar Junction guarantees and warrants function and performance of the entire integrated solar cell assemblies times.


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